What is cyberspace and the virtual experience to you?

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V8 engine - Mar 24 at 3:55AM
Camille Adam
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The 4 litre Renault V8 engine features internal, cartographic and software upgrades designed to improve performance and fuel consumption. The engine produces 612 hp and 500Nm torque @ 8000 rpm. Esky Honey Bee King 4 GP2 Series engines are rev-limited to 10,000 rpm and need a rebuild after 4000 to 4500 km. The valve train is a dual overhead camshaft configuration with four valves per cylinder. The crankshaft is made of alloy steel, with five main bearing caps. The pistons are forged aluminum alloy, while the connecting rods are machined alloy steel. The electronic engine management system is supplied by Magneti Marelli, firing a CDI ignition system. The engine lubrication is an dry sump type, cooled by a single water pump.

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cyberspace - Dec 4, 2010 at 5:08AM
alaister waugh
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I am not awarding points based on whose answer matches my definition and perception of cyberspace and the virtual experience. I am awarding points to whoever provides the most detail and justification for his/her answer. This is part of a project for my art class.

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