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Re-modeling our Physics lounge! - Oct 20, 2009 at 8:54PM
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So we are currently in the process of trying to re-model our physics lounge and I was curious what makes a great physics lounge. We have three uses for our lounge- homework, SPS meetings, and receptions before seminars. So we have to balance the use of all three.

Currently we just have some tables, couches, computers and storage space. What does everyone else have?

Thanks for the help!

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Re: Re-modeling our Physics lounge! - Oct 22 2009 7:43PM
Ajay Narayanan
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How about some bins of legos, erector sets and other cool toys? I am sure  a number of your chapter members will have something to donate.

- Ajay

Re: Re-modeling our Physics lounge! - Oct 26 2009 12:47PM
Mary Avatar
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Make sure you have whiteboards or chalkboards or something. I know as an undergrad I used the whiteboard to work out problems with friends more than paper.

Re: Re-modeling our Physics lounge! - Nov 06 2009 1:46PM
Society of Physics...
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We had a small library of oft-used books in to hand up summer research announcements, grad school flyers, etc., is also common.

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