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Hubble is back and better then ever! - Sep 10, 2009 at 5:27PM
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New spectra and images from a refurbished HST came out yesterday and they are beeeeautiful!

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Re: Hubble is back and better then ever! - Sep 11 2009 10:16AM
Society of Physics...
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You aren't kidding; Thanks for leading me there...they are incredible images! THe colors are amazing (I suppose they're 'real' and not enhanced---in any case, I was especially struck by the picture of the many stars in the globular cluster, third in the sequence...)

Adjunct Professor of Physics, Editor of The Physics Teacher, and GWU SPS Chapter Advisor

Re: Hubble is back and better then ever! - Oct 15 2009 12:36PM
Ajay Narayanan
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A recent NOVA episode titled "Hubble's Amazing Rescue" showed the repairs in great detail. Lots of nice physics in the repair process - momentum (linear and angular) conservation, moment of inertia etc. You can read about it and watch it online at the following link:

- Ajay

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