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Zone 18 (CA, NV, HI, PP) regional meeting - Jan 10, 2005 at 11:05PM
Santa Barbara, CA
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Greetings from the UC Santa Barbara chapter! Just this year
we have reinvigorated our local part of this organization.
This is so exciting to me, and the other officers, that we
asked to host the zone 18 meeting this year here at UCSB.

Zone 18 includes chapters from California, Nevada, Hawaii,
and the Philippines. We would like to get an idea of how
many people have attended this meeting in the past, and how
many are not going to miss it this year.

We're working hard, planning and preparing, to make sure
this is a raging success!  We will send e-mail out soon to
all the active chapters in zone 18 with specific information
about where/when/how to register. Hopefully, an informative
website will be up soon, and I will update

Hope to hear from you all, and to see you at the meeting here!

Cheyne Scoby
Secretary, UC Santa Barbara chapter