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The double slit experiment and the collapse of the wavefunction - May 19, 2009

View and modify a simulation of quantum double-slit interference for quantum systems.

Quantum Physics made Relatively Simple: Three Lectures by Hans Bethe - Dec 22, 2008

Hans Bethe provides a perspective of quantum theory for the general public.

Quantum Tunneling - Oct 3, 2008

This tutorial uses images and animations to explore quantum mechanical tunneling.

QM Momentum Expectation Value Program - Aug 6, 2008

The OSP expectation value programs relate the motion of wave functions to the time dependence of expectation values.

Wave Function Sketcher - Aug 6, 2008

The Wave Function Sketcher allows students to explore quantum wave functions and boundary conditions without programming.

The University of Virginia Virtual Lab - Jul 3, 2008

Take a virtual tour of microelectronics and nanotechnology research and fabrication facilities.

Numerical Time Development in Quantum Mechanics Using a Reduced Hilbert Space Approach - Apr 13, 2008

This self-contained file contains Open Source Physics programs for the teaching of time evolution and visualization of quantum-mechanical bound states that appear in the American Journal of Physics theme issue on computational physics.

QM Superposition Program - Apr 13, 2008

The QM Superposition program is one of 18 Open Source Physics programs that model time-dependent quantum mechanics using an energy eigenstate expansion. The program displays the time evolution of the position-space wave function.

Wavepacket Tunneling through a Carbon Nanotube - Jan 22, 2008

Animations of the quantum tunneling of electrons through a carbon nanotube.

Atomic Dipole Transitions Applet - Jan 22, 2008

This simulation shows the transition of molecular quantum states due to an oscillating electric field.

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