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Open Source Physics - Aug 6, 2008

Open Source Physics materials are now available as a ComPADRE Collection.

Numerical Time Development in Quantum Mechanics Using a Reduced Hilbert Space Approach - Apr 13, 2008

This self-contained file contains Open Source Physics programs for the teaching of time evolution and visualization of quantum-mechanical bound states that appear in the American Journal of Physics theme issue on computational physics.

Open Source Physics: Quantum Mechanical Measurement - Dec 1, 2007

This collection of java simulations and teaching materials can be used to illustrate and explore important issues related to measurements on quantum systems.

SPINS Java Homepage - Nov 1, 2007

Simulation for studying the physics of quantum spins through a virtual Stern-Gerlach experiment.

Intuitive Quantum Physics - Jul 20, 2007

This active learning course is designed to introduce wave and quantum physics to non-science majors.

PH425: Spin and Quantum Measurement - Jun 26, 2007

This course develops quantum mechanics from the point of view of spin measurements. It uses an java Stern-Gerlach simulation throughout to develop the material and student understanding.

Quantum Interactive Learning Tutorials - Jun 25, 2007

This research and development effort is creating PER-based student tutorials in quantum mechanics. The authors are looking for teachers to beta-test the materials and provide feedback.

Quantum Mechanics - Nov 23, 2006

This web site provides a concise multimedia introduction to important and fundamental properties of quantum systems.

HydrogenLab - Oct 21, 2006

This collection and tutorial contains images and animations of states of the hydrogen atom. The physics and meaning of the images are described.

OSP Spins - Mar 16, 2006

OSP Spins is a package of simulations of Stern-Gerlach experiments for spin 1/2 and spin 1 particles, as well as a number of illustrations, tutorials, and exercises to help students explore the physics of finite-dimensional quantum systems.

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