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The Art (and Science) of In-Class Questioning via Clickers (Learning About Teaching Physics podcast) - Jun 18, 2013

Podcast of studies on the effective use of student response systems ("clickers") to improve learning.

Physlet Physics - 2nd Edition - Jun 10, 2013

Physlet Physics provides interactive simulation-enhanced tutorials and exercises for introductory physics.

Using Direct Measurement Video to Teach Physics - Feb 12, 2013

This outline of the use of video measurements in introductory physics includes an introduction, a video library, and example activities.

Arkansas Conceptual Inventory Construction Site - Jan 1, 2013

Build concept inventories from an extensive database of electricity and magnetism questions.

Global Physics Department - Nov 3, 2012

Join this online community of physics educators using social media to explore topics in physics and physics education.

SEI Clicker and Education Videos - Nov 3, 2012

Explore this suite of short videos on effective use of clickers and student interaction in classes.

Peer Instruction Network - Jul 3, 2012

Join the global community of users and developers of Peer Instruction.

Graphs and Tracks Model - Jun 22, 2012

Build virtual kinematics experiments for students.

Nanoreisen: Adventures Beyond the Decimal - Jun 19, 2012

An interactive exploration of physics at scales from a meter to the atomic nucleus.

MIT Tech TV: Physics Demos - Dec 21, 2011

View a wide range of 1 - 4 minute physics demonstration videos on topics including motion, waves, electricity and magnetism, collisions, thermodynamics, and fluid dynamics.

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