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AAPT Winter Meeting 2013 - Sep 4, 2012

The American Association of Physics Teachers is holding their 2013 Winter Meeting in New Orleans January 5 - 9. Come enjoy a celebration of physics, the Big Easy, "And All That Jazz".

2012 Physics Congress - Jul 9, 2012

Sigma Pi Sigma, the physics honor society, is holding the 2012 Quadrennial Physics Congress "Connecting Worlds Through Science & Service" Nov. 8 - 10 in Orlando Florida.

2012 GRC: Astronomy's Discoveries & Physics Education - Jun 4, 2012

The 2012 Gordon Conference on Physics Research & Education  will explore astronomy research results and how they can be used to enrich physics instruction.  The conference will be held June 17-22, 2012 at Colby College in Waterville, ME

AAPT Summer Meeting 2012 - Jun 1, 2012

Join the AAPT in Philadelphia July 28 - August 1 for the 2012 Summer Meeting. The theme of this meeting is Physics: The Experimental Core. Join with a wide broad range of physicists in sharing the latest in physics education.

Conference on Laboratory Instruction Beyond the First Year in College - Jun 1, 2012

ALPhA invites you to the 2012 Topical Conference on Laboratory Instruction: Beyond the First Year of College in Philadelphia, Wednesday, July 25 - Friday, July 27. This conference will provide hands-on exposure to contemporary instructional labs appropriate to Modern Physics, Electronics, Optics, and Advanced Lab courses, as well as to key instructional labs in Statistical Physics, Condensed Matter and Materials Physics, and Quantum Mechanics.

2012 World Conference on Physics Education - Mar 24, 2012

Join physics teachers, researchers, and policy makers from around the world in Istanbul, Turkey July 1 - 6. The theme of the conference is "The Role of Context, Culture, and Representations in Physics Teaching and Learning", with the goal to foster and expand global collaboration to enhance physics education.

AAPT High School Photo Contest - Mar 24, 2012

The annual Physics Photo contest is open to high school students in grades 9-12. Students can submit their physics-related photos in the categories of Natural, Contrived, and Computer Manipulated photos. Entries are welcome until May 15.

Introductory Newtonian Mechanics - Feb 18, 2012

Those interested in improving their knowledge and problem solving skills in Newtonian Mechanics are invited to enroll in an open and free online course developed by the RELATE research group at MIT. Registration is open and the course runs from March 1 to May 14, 2012

AAPT Physics Bowl - Feb 13, 2012

Registration for the 2012 Physics Bowl ends March 5. The Annual AAPT Physics Bowl competition recognizes the skills of high school students across the country through a 45 minute multiple choice test. The competition is held by geographical region and divided into first year and second year students. School scores are determined by their top 5 finishers.

AAPT Winter Meeting 2012 - Sep 23, 2011

Join the AAPT at the Winter 2012 Meeting in Ontario, CA. The meeting from February 4 - 8 has the theme "The Wave Nature of Light & Matter"

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