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AAPT High School Photo Contest - Mar 24, 2012

The annual Physics Photo contest is open to high school students in grades 9-12. Students can submit their physics-related photos in the categories of Natural, Contrived, and Computer Manipulated photos. Entries are welcome until May 15.

Introductory Newtonian Mechanics - Feb 18, 2012

Those interested in improving their knowledge and problem solving skills in Newtonian Mechanics are invited to enroll in an open and free online course developed by the RELATE research group at MIT. Registration is open and the course runs from March 1 to May 14, 2012

AAPT Physics Bowl - Feb 13, 2012

Registration for the 2012 Physics Bowl ends March 5. The Annual AAPT Physics Bowl competition recognizes the skills of high school students across the country through a 45 minute multiple choice test. The competition is held by geographical region and divided into first year and second year students. School scores are determined by their top 5 finishers.

AAPT Winter Meeting 2012 - Sep 23, 2011

Join the AAPT at the Winter 2012 Meeting in Ontario, CA. The meeting from February 4 - 8 has the theme "The Wave Nature of Light & Matter"

SEI Clicker and Education Videos - Sep 22, 2011

Watch a series of videos from the Carl Wieman Science Education Initiative on the best uses of clickers in the classroom.

MPTL 16 - HSCI 2011 - Aug 9, 2011

The Multimedia Physics for Teaching and Learning and Hands-On Science combined conference, Sept. 15 - 17 in Ljubljana Solvenia, will explore improvements in physics education from around the world.

2011 Summer AAPT Meeting - May 11, 2011

Join the AAPT at our Summer Meeting in Omaha Nebraska July 30 - Aug 3. The theme of this meeting is exploration of the ways to communicate physics and science.

2011 AAPT Photo Contest - Mar 3, 2011

High school students are invited to demonstrate their creativity and physics understanding in the 2011 AAPT Photo Contest. Submissions are due May 15. (Image: "Happy Hour", by Natalie Colette Hummel)

Research Based Undergraduate Science Teaching - Jan 3, 2011

The National Study of Education in Undergraduate Science will hold a conference June 19 - 21, 2011 on how research-based reforms in teaching undergraduate science impact short-term and long-term student outcomes.

ALPhA 2011 Laboratory Imersions - Dec 23, 2010

The Advanced Lab Physics Association is planning the 2011 Laboratory Immersion experiences, intensive hands-on work with a single experiment. Many topics will be covered, from quantum optics to superconductivity.

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