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Featured Resource Archive - Page 3

Seat Activities - Jul 13, 2009

This collection provides a series of questions for group solution and whiteboarding and simple student experiments designed for student inquiry in large class settings.

Intermediate Mechanics Tutorials - Jun 26, 2009

This is a set of small-group learning materials: conceptual, mathematical, and problem solving tutorials, research results, homework, examination questions, and help for the instructor.

Tennessee Tech University: Physics Study Guides - Mar 19, 2009

This extensive collection of solved problems can be used by students or teachers to supplement introductory physics classes.

PhysClips - Jan 7, 2009

Physclips is a collection of multimedia tutorials on introductory mechanics.

Nanohub - Jan 6, 2009

Nanohub is the NSF-supported collection of educational and research resources in nanotechnology, part of the Network for Computational Nanotechnology.

Illinois Physics Education Research: Interactive Examples - Nov 6, 2008

These online quantitative problems include tutorial questions to help students learn the relevant physical concepts.

Just-in-Time Teaching Digital Library - Oct 3, 2008

The Just-in-Time Teaching Digital Library provides pre-class questions and teaching resources to better prepare students for classes and customize the class to meet their needs.

Workshop Physics - Aug 18, 2008

Workshop Physics provides an activity-based curriculum for introductory calculus-based physics.

Center for History of Physics - Aug 7, 2008

The Center for History of Physics provides online exhibits, images, oral histories, and syllabi for the history of modern physics.

Activity-Based Physics - University of Maryland - Aug 7, 2008

This collection contains tutorials, problems, activities, and references for introductory physics courses based on physics education research.

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