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The Humanized Physics Project - Sep 7, 2011

This web site includes a wide range of introductory physics materials motivated by examples in the life sciences.

C21: Physics Teaching for the 21st Century - Jun 3, 2011

This web site contains a broad spectrum of resources for teachers who are interested in teaching physics concepts in real world contexts, with the goal to help students understand and solve 21st century problems.

NASA Images - Oct 5, 2010

Browse through NASA images and videos from the beginning of the space program through the present.

Open Source Physics - Sep 1, 2010

Open Sources Physics is a project to create and distribute computational resources that support physics education. This combination of computational physics, computer science, curriculum development, and education research includes both a coordinated code library, Easy Java Simulations modeling environment, and curricular resources ready to be used or modified for classes.

PhET: Physics Education Technology - Sep 1, 2010

The PhET group from the University of Colorado-Boulder has updated their simulation pages. Now available with each simulation is information on how to use it in classes.

The Physics Classroom - Mar 25, 2010

Online Physics tutorials and instructional resources, a web favorite.

Upper-Division E&M I Transformed Course Materials - Mar 24, 2010

Research-based curricular materials for a Junior-level E&M I course, covering vector calculus, electro- and magneto-statics, electro-magnetic properties of matter.

Visual Quantum Mechanics - Oct 10, 2009

The Visual Quantum Mechanics project provides instructional units that introduce quantum physics students who do not have a background in modern physics or higher level math. The instructional units integrate interactive computer programs and digital multimedia.

Seat Activities - Jul 13, 2009

This collection provides a series of questions for group solution and whiteboarding and simple student experiments designed for student inquiry in large class settings.

Intermediate Mechanics Tutorials - Jun 26, 2009

This is a set of small-group learning materials: conceptual, mathematical, and problem solving tutorials, research results, homework, examination questions, and help for the instructor.

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