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Energy Conservation: Student Activities 

published by the New York Science, Technology, and Society Education Project

This teacher's guide contains six student activities on the topic of energy conservation and the impact of energy use on society. These materials are developed for use in middle schools for energy-related studies in many different subject areas. The activities each contain objectives, lesson plans, teaching tips, supplementary resources, and references.

The top document on this page contains the Introduction and Table of Contents. The Primary Documents link can be opened to access the individual student activities.

This is one of several similar modules and activity books regarding science, technology, and societal issues.

Last Modified January 27, 2012

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Primary Documents (7)

Activity 1: The Appliance Explosion 

This activity explores energy by appliances, and its growth.

Last Modified January 27, 2012

Activity 2: Home Energy Use 

This activity has students investigate their family energy use, and explore ways to save both energy and money.

Last Modified January 27, 2012

Activity 3: Insulation: Keeping Heat In or Out 

This activity explores the use of insulation to help maintain indoor temperature.

Last Modified January 27, 2012

Activity 4: A Home Energy Audit 

This activity has students investigating energy use and conservation in their homes and other buildings.

Last Modified January 27, 2012

Activity 5: Window Treatments for Energy Savings 

This activity explores the impact of windows on energy conservation and room comfort.

Last Modified January 27, 2012

Activity 6: Engine Care for Gasoline Savings 

This activity investigates ways to keep gasoline engines running efficiently.

Last Modified January 27, 2012


This document provides a glossary and other reference resources for the Energy Conservation Student Activities.

Last Modified January 27, 2012