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Teaching Electricity in the Middle Grades Our Top Picks

Teaching Electricity in the Middle Grades
Grade Level: Grades 6-8

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PhET Simulation: Charges and Fields
PhET Simulation: Charges and Fields
Have fun learning about the variables that affect interactions among charged bodies with this PhET sim. Drag + or - charges onto the field,  view…

Technology Tools

Interactive Video Vignettes
Interactive Video Vignettes
Video Vignettes is a collection of video-based interactive tutorials covering introductory physics concepts. more »

Teaching Modules

Cirque du Circuit: A Model Unit on Electric Circuits
A turn-key module for grades 9-12: introduces learners to concepts of electricity through animated tutorials, online circuit building, and problem-based labs in which they apply their knowledge to build an alarm system and more. The unit culminates with a look at the life and legacy of Nikola Tesla.

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