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SEI Clicker and Education Videos - Feb 1, 2014

Electronic student response systems have been shown to improve student engagement and attitudes toward learning. These short videos take an inside look at "clickers" in the classroom and how to use them to best advantage.

MIT Tech TV: Physics Demos - Aug 16, 2013

Beautifully-crafted videos to help kids visualize motion, wave interactions, electricity, and magnetism. Superb videography; easy to embed.

Concord Consortium: SmartGraphs - Jul 2, 2013

These digital SmartGraphs accept student inputs, then provide scaffolding to promote deep understanding of the meaning behind the graphs. Classroom tested.

Create a Graph - Jan 23, 2013

Kids can easily create and print customized graphs to enhance their presentations. And it's free. Choose from 5 graph types.

Ejs Intro 1D Motion Lab Model - Dec 11, 2012

Exemplary resource provides step-by-step instructions for students to explore 1D motion through computer modeling. Requires no prior programming experience.

NSDL Science Literacy Maps - Oct 15, 2012

This powerful tool displays concept connections among all the major strands of science, plus mathematics and engineering. Also shows how the concepts build upon each other across grade bands. Based on Benchmarks for Science Literacy

ALTEC: The Advanced Learning Technologies Project - Jun 25, 2012

This is a collection of tools developed by ALTEC partner 4Teachers.org, offering ready-to-use quizzes, rubrics, checklists, video scripting/editing, research organizers, and exportable note-taking for students.

CSERD: Interactivate - Jun 25, 2012

Does the word "computational" scare your students? It shouldn't. Check out this set of free Java-based lessons and activities, all built around interactive tools that let kids deeply explore the math behind the concept. Examples: Rabbits & Wolves to learn about probability; Plop It! is a graph plotter.

Periodic Table Live! - Mar 26, 2012

Excellent interactive resource for exploring the Periodic Table through image sets, videos, and 3D illustrations. Covers a broad range of information about the elements and their properties.

Rubistar: Creating Rubrics for Project-Based Learning - Mar 26, 2012

This free tool helps you create high-quality rubrics in a short amount of time. Templates are available for: science experiments, verbal reports, multimedia presentations, and more.

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