ComPADRE Frequently Asked Questions

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What is ComPADRE?

ComPADRE is an NSF-Sponsored digital library project, part of the National Science Digital Library. It is a collaboration of the American Association of Physics Teachers, the American Astronomical Society, the American Physical Society, and the Society of Physics Students/American Institute of Physics. It consists of a network of resource collections, each created and edited to support the needs of a particular community of teachers and learners in physics and astronomy. Example collections are the community web site for physics and astronomy students and the collection of teaching resources for high school teachers.

What material and information will I find in the ComPADRE collections?

Collections contain cataloged links to web-based resources such as simulations, videos, lesson plans, curricula, and education research. Some of this material is hosted on ComPADRE itself. Information provided by the catalog includes a description, subject matter, audience, format, and author. Collections also provide information and resources specific to the needs of their community, such as news and events, research and professional development opportunities, member web pages, and online discussion forums.

How do I find materials in ComPADRE?

Within each collection, users can discover resources by searching the title, description, keywords, author and/or URL. Users can also browse through the materials on the collection by subject, type of resource, and grade level. A search on the Physics Sciences Resource Center will include a broader range of materials across all collections.

What information do I get from searches?

Performing a search provides a list of items that match your search criteria. This list includes, for each item, the title, which is linked to details about the item, the URL, the first two lines of the description, and a detail box including the author, the subject, and the grade level. Also available are the results of a similar search on other digital libraries.

Is there a cost for ComPADRE?

No, there is currently no cost for using or joining ComPADRE.

Do I need to join ComPADRE?

No. The resource catalog on ComPADRE is available for searching by anyone.

What are the benefits of joining ComPADRE?

Members have additional tools that enhance their use of the site. These include the ability to store and organize materials in a personal filing cabinet, to join into discussion forums with other users, to comment on materials in the catalog, and to set preferences that sort materials according to their needs.

What is required to join ComPADRE?

To join, users must provide their name and email. Further information can be provided, if desired, to personalize the collection for the user and enhance interactions with others. Personal information about users is not provided to other organizations.

Who can I contact for further information?

You can contact the ComPADRE staff using the feedback form.

Further information is available on the About page.