ComPADRE People

Principal Investigator
Bruce Mason - AAPT
Co-Principal Investigators
Susana Deustua - AAS
Jack Hehn - AIP/SPS
Beth Cunningham - AAPT
Warren Hein - AAPT
Ted Hodapp - APS
Gary White - SPS Director
ComPADRE Staff
Lyle Barbato - Technical Lead - University of Oklahoma
Caroline Hall - Contributing Editor - University AAPT
Matt Riggsbee - Web Designer - AAPT
Cecelia Brown - Evaluator - University of Oklahoma
Flora McMartin - External Evaluator - Broad-based Knowledge
Collection Editors
Advanced Labs - Ramon Torres-Isea, The University of Michigan
Astronomy Center -
Nucleus - David Donnely, SW Texas State
Open Source Physics - Wolfgang Christian, Davidson College
PER-Central - H. Vince Kuo, Colorado School of Mines
Physics Classroom - Tom Henderson, Glenbrook South High School
Physics Front - Cathy Ezrailson, University of South Dakota
Physics Source - Taha Mzoughi, Kennesaw State University
Physics TA Library - Lyle Barbato, University of Oklahoma
Physics to Go - Ed Lee, American Physical Society
PSRC - Bruce Mason, University of Oklahoma
PhysTEC - John Stewart, University of Arkansas
Quantum Exchange - Bruce Mason, University of Oklahoma
Statistical and Thermal Physics - Anne Cox, Eckerd College
Adopt-a-Physicist - Kendra Rand, AIP/SPS
uCOMP - David Winch, Emeritus, Kalamazoo College