Collaborate with ComPADRE and AAPT

The Communities for Physics and Astronomy Digital Resources in Education library, or ComPADRE, is a service of the AAPT that provides online tools and resources that support physics and astronomy education.

The AAPT/ComPADRE library consists of:

ComPADRE invites those interested in physics and astronomy education or digital collections to explore potential collaborations, including:

Content Collaborators

ComPADRE is working with multiple groups interested in facilitating physics educators. For example:

Program Collaborations

ComPADRE collaborates with groups to bring unique programs to physics educators.

Federated Search

ComPADRE partners with multiple groups to bring federated content to our users. We have working agreements with the following entities on use of federated search to facilitate physics educators.

If you are interested in collaborating, or for more information about ComPADRE, please contact us.