Selected Assessment Resources

M. Pilburn, D. Sawada, K. Falconer, J. Turley, R. Benford, and I. Bloom. "Reformed Teaching Observation Protocol (RTOP)". ACEPT IN-003.

Chemistry Assessments/RTOP Reference Manual

D. Sawada, M. Pilburn, E. Judson, J. Turley, R. Benford, and I. Bloom, "Measuring reform practices in science and mathematics classrooms: the Reformed Teaching Observation Protocol," School Science and Mathematics, 102 (6), 2002.

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Information on Assessment from PhysTEC Institutions

Arizona State University
Ball State University
Boston University
Cal Poly Pomona
Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo
California State University, Long Beach
Central Washington University
Chicago State University
Cornell University
Florida International University
Middle Tennessee State University
Seattle Pacific University
Towson University (Elementary)
Towson University (Secondary)
University of Alabama
University of Arizona
University of Arkansas
University of Colorado at Boulder
University of Missouri-Columbia
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
University of Wisconsin - La Crosse
Virginia Tech

Continual program assessment and evaluation is crucial to measuring program success and ensuring project activities are supporting stated goals. Formative assessment can suggest midproject changes to improve outcomes, while summative assessment provides valuable lessons for the future and for others seeking to apply the PhysTEC model.

Assessment of a teacher preparation programs is multi-faceted, and includes

  • the quality of teachers who graduate from project institutions, using a variety of content assessment and pedagogy assessment instruments
  • the career outcomes and retention rates of teachers who graduate from project institutions
  • the extent to which the project has catalyzed an institutional commitment to sustaining a teacher preparation program.

The following pages provide additional information and resources for assessing different aspects of teacher education programs:

Assessing Teacher Quality

Assessing Career Outcomes and Retention