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The Physics Department is involved in several programs related to physics teacher education.  The Compass Project is a program initiated in 2007 by a group of graduate students in the UC Berkeley Department of Physics. Compass' dual purposes are to support diversity in the physical sciences by increasing the retention of undergraduate students who are women and underrepresented minorities in the Physical Science departments and provide training to graduate students involved with the program in innovative curriculum development and implementation, nontraditional pedagogies and leadership skills while engaging them in service to the scientific community.

PURNA (Physics Undergraduate Reform Network Alliance) is a new, NSF-funded initiative to enable transformation of undergraduate physics programs to support all students.  Spearheaded by a collaboration team at Florida International University and the University of California at Berkeley, PURNA will build a national network of physics educators to foster adoption of research-validated models of under-graduate physics reform.  

The Berkeley Center for Cosmological Physics' Global Teacher Academy aspires to improve the teaching of science in classrooms around the world. Central to this effort is training teachers to engage their students in the excitement of cosmological physics through a technology-rich environment.

Physics is seeking to more closely partner with Cal Teach, a UCB effort to encourage and prepare STEM majors to become science and math middle and high school teachers.  The Cal Teach program began in 2006 and was just credentialed in 2010, and sees that  PTEC has a lot to offer as the program expands into training of future physics teachers.