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Physics and Education Faculty Involved In PhysTEC Project

  • Steve McCauley, (first year PI) Professor and Chair of the Department of Physics and Astronomy, coordinates departmental support for the project and negotiates the details of the institutionalization of the LA program.
  • Homeyra Sadaghiani, (Current PI) Associate Professor of Physics, is responsible for the overall management and coordination of the LA program and teaching the LA Seminar course (PHY 200).
  • Alex Rudolph (Co-PI), Professor of Physics and Astronomy, assists in all aspects of the LA program including the seminar course, orientation, and assessment.
  • Dr. Janeen Volsey, (Co-PI) Associate Professor of Education, serves as the Cal Poly Pomona liaison and coordinator for Professional Development Schools, placing student teachers with a cooperating teacher.
  • Dr. Nicole Wickler, (Senior Personnel) the director of CEMaST, offers the infrastructure to support the PhysTEC Project activities in general and the LA seminar along with other outreach activities specifically.