red Supported Site Cal Poly Pomona: Goals & Outcomes

The main objective of the California State Polytechnic University, Cal Poly Pomona (CPP), Targeted PhysTEC proposal is to increase the number of physics graduates who will pursue a career in high school physics teaching.

In the first year, the CPP PhysTEC project focused on building upon our existing LA program, engaging more physics faculty and the administration in the program, establishing an LA seminar course, and publicizing the LA program in the College of Science.

Selected Outcomes

  • During AY 2012-2013, 2 physics credentials were granted to the students meeting the Cal Poly Pomona Secondary Graduate criteria with one of these students having served as an LA.
  • The PhysTEC team, LAs, and CPP faculty have build a physics teaching community by holding several events.
  • The LA Orientation in Fall 2012 had 15-20 participants. The Spring 2013 LA information luncheon had 21 participants (3 faculty, 4 LAs, and 14 CPP students.)
  • In Spring 2013 LAs led a two day outreach activity in which they developed lesson plans on Force and Motion and worked with second grade students at a local elementary school.
  • The LA Seminar course (PHY 200) was offered in all three quarters of AY 2012-2013 with 6 LAs enrolled in Fall, 8 students in Winter, and 7 students in Spring.
  • The paid LA program offered a total of 21 positions in AY 2012-2013. The LAs worked in PHYS 13x and 12x series, as well as PHY 299 recitations. In Spring 2013, LAs were also utilized in SCI 210, the physical science course for K-8 teachers.
  • Before the PhysTEC grant, no physics majors were available as tutors in the department. Since Fall 2012, physics LAs have tutored for two hours a week each, summing to over 420 hours of tutoring for our students in the introductory general physics courses (120 hours in Fall 2012, 160 in Winter 2013, and 140 in Spring 2013.)
  • The PIs presented a contributed talk during the Winter 2013 AAPT LA session.