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PhysTEC Graduates (Years funded 2011-2014)
BaselineProject Funded
Year -2 Year -1 Year 0 Year 1 Year 2
5 1 1 1 2

* Must meet the definition of PhysTEC Secondary Graduate.

** This is a subset of the graduates from all programs, and may be the same.

Definition of PhysTEC Secondary Graduate: Any student who has graduated from a PhysTEC Institution and

(a) has a major or minor in physics, OR (b) has completed coursework equivalent to a major or minor in physics


(a) has certification to teach high-school physics, OR (b) has completed a teacher education program.

Future Physics Teachers
Year -2 2008/09 Year -1 2009/10 Year 0 2010/11 Year 1 2011/12 Year 2 2012/13 Year 3 2013/14
7 6 12 15 20  

* This number should match the number of names entered on the Future Teachers tab in the teacher tracking spreadsheet.

** This is a subset of the Future Teachers from all programs, and may be the same.

Definition of PhysTEC Future Teacher : A student at a PhysTEC Institution who has committed to completing a program of physics teacher education.

Definition of a Future Teacher at (insert your institution):

Any student whose major is listed as BA Physics, AdolescentEducation,Physics & General Science, or any student majoring in a science discipline, taking the secondary education courses, minoring in physics and planning on seeking physics certification by transcript evaluation.

 PhysTEC Mentors
Year 1 2012/13 Year 2 2013/14 Year 3 2014/15
PhysTEC Mentors (current and prior TIRs) 1 1  
Mentored PhysTEC Graduates      
Mentored non-PhysTEC Teachers      

Definition of PhysTEC Mentor : Any PhysTEC TIR who mentors a practicing K-12 teacher or pre-service teacher. (Mentors are counted each year, so after their first year of mentoring, they are recounted if they mentor in the next year.)