red Supported Site SUNY Geneseo: Teacher-In-Residence


  • The TIR interacted with dozens of physics majors throughout the year.
  • The TIR actively contributed to the BLT programs and the PER research project


  • As a part-time TIR, after-hours presence sometimes makes it hard to interact with faculty.
  • Plans for co-teaching with the methods class fell through due to difficulties in scheduling and communication.
  • Recruiting students who have not come to Geneseo with the idea of physics teaching has been difficult. We need to engage more students who might be "on the fence" and not yet identified as potential teachers.


  • During the coming year we plan to discuss ways to involve our TIR as an adjunct instructor for an introductory laboratory section.

Lessons Learned

  • Food is an important motivator to getting students to meetings.
  • Late-in-the-semester activities are less successful.
  • More students attended Monday and Tuesday night tutoring sessions early in the semester. Later on they were relying on one another.
  • Schedule TIR Office Hours on the night right before assignments are due in the Phys 123 class.
  • Scheduling of the methods course later in the day would make the TIR available for participating in the instruction of that course.
  • Scheduling more flexibility in the Office Hours to visit introductory labs, etc.

List of TIRs over the Project

  • Rob Sells - from year 1 to the present. Physics teacher at Mt. Morris Central School.

Typical TIR Activities

  • The TIR manages tutoring, BLT planning, and recruitment.
  • The TIR developed a model working with two physics teacher candidates who made regular visits to Sells' classroom and taught physics lessons on days when Mr. Sells was away and a substitute teacher was present.
  • The TIR initiated recruitment activities in introductory courses, introductory labs, and through evening tutoring sessions.
  • The TIR provided key guidance in developing the BLT presentations and working closely with the physics teacher candidates.