red Supported Site University of Missouri-Columbia: Goals & Outcomes


The PhysTEC project at the University of Missouri (MU) is working towards building a cohesive community of future physics teachers that are well-prepared to implement research-based teaching strategies in their classrooms. The overarching goals are to:

  1. Increase the number of MU physics teaching degrees to a three year total of at least ten by 2015.
  2. Better prepare teachers with physics-specific content and pedagogy.
  3. Contribute to the national PhysTEC model to effect statewide and nationwide change.

Selected Outcomes

  • MU graduated two new physics teachers in first year of funding, compared to a seven-year average of 0.6 students per year.
  • Enrollment doubled in physics education degree programs, with eight students enrolled this year, compared to three in the previous year.
  • A high school learning assistant program was created, with nine LA's gaining early teaching experiences in reformed ninth grade physics courses.
  • The BS in physics education degree program was revised to include a new physics pedagogy course and to streamline requirements for dual degrees in physics and education.
  • We established a community of future physics teachers, Tomorrow's Outstanding Physics Teachers ( TOP Teachers), to help combat the sense of isolation that previous graduates had reported.