red Supported Site University of Alabama: Faculty

  • Dr. Patrick LeClair , Associate Professor, Physics, is Principal Investigator.  Dr. LeClair coordinates work with ASIM to further collaboration and  student learning experiences, serves as an academic advisor for  students on the revised education track, works with recruitment efforts,  team-teaches the physics pedagogy course with the TIR, and assists in Physics Forum planning.
  • Dr. J. W. Harrell , Professor, Physics, is Co-Principal Investigator/Project Director. Dr. Harrell oversees project management and the development of physics courses. He coordinates the TIR activities.
  • Dr. Tim Mewes , Associate Professor, Physics is Co-Principal Investigator. He oversees assessment of the PhysTEC program, reform of the PH10x courses, and assists with the Physics Forum.
  • Dr. Dennis W. Sunal , Professor, Science Education, is Co-Principal Investigator. He oversees teacher education coursework, the Teacher Advisory Group, early learning experiences, and evaluation. Dr. Sunal is the contact person for the certification process.
  • Dr. Cynthia Szymanski Sunal , Professor, Curriculum & Instruction, is Co-Principal Investigator. She coordinates communications between the Physics and Curriculum & Instruction teacher education programs, works with recruitment efforts, is a liaison with public schools, and coordinates activities with the UA Office of Clinical Placements.