Induction and Mentoring

Mentoring Beginning Physics Teachers

written by Drew Isola and Dale Freeland

A presentation on the PhysTEC project and the mentoring of beginning physics teachers. The presentation discusses the problem of teacher attrition and the role of mentoring in solving the attrition problem.

Retaining California Teachers So All Students Learn

written by Ken Futernick

As part of an analysis of teacher retention in California, the Center for Teacher Quality at California State University conducted a study to better understand the factors that contribute to teacher attrition and turnover. Close to 2,000 current and former California public school teachers participated in an online survey, the data from which was used to examine the professional and personal reasons cited by those who leave teaching and those who remain in the classroom through several different educational lenses: low-poverty and high-poverty schools, elementary and high schools, and general education classrooms and special education classrooms. The resulting analysis provides a detailed description of the different strategies required to retain teachers in different types of schools.

PhysTEC Induction & Mentoring

published by the Physics Teacher Education Coalition

There exists today a broad consensus that recognizes new teacher isolation and lack of support as major causes of teacher attrition, and recommends stronger induction and mentoring programs for beginning teachers as a means to keep them in the classroom. The Alliance for Excellent Education recommends comprehensive induction programs consisting of high-quality mentoring, common planning time, ongoing professional development, an external network of teachers, and standards-based evaluation for new teachers. PhysTEC provides suggestions for increasing rates of recruitment and retention, as well as providing examples of member institutions.

Retaining a New Generation of Physics Teachers: The Role of Physics Departments in Effective Mentori

written by Drew Isola and Robert Poel

This workshop presentation covers various models for implementation of mentoring programs for new physics teachers. It covers styles of mentoring, the importance of mentor training and various models for training implementation, and difficulties in implementation. It is the continuation of a previous workshop.

Reducing Teacher Isolation

written by Dale Freeland and Julia Olsen

This workshop presentation from the 2006 PhysTEC Conference covers issues of mentoring new physics teachers. Mentee needs, strategies for successful mentoring programs, and examples are included in the discussion.

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