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Parallel Parking an Aircraft Carrier Documents

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Parallel Parking an Aircraft Carrier 

written by Gary Gladding

About ten years ago the Department of Physics at the University of Illinois embarked on a program to systematically reform all of the introductory courses in the calculus-based and algebra-based sequences (see: In this workshop, I will first give an overview of our experience with this process.  I will discuss the combination of strategies that we chose (a coherent set of activities featuring interactive engagement methods) as well as the important considerations that were necessary to effect organizational change (faculty buy-in and sustainability).  I will then open up the workshop for participation in a discussion of real world issues concerning effecting introductory course reform at your home institutions.  My hope is that the wisdom of the collective may generate new ideas and solutions to problems that have had no visible forum for discussion.

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Published March 13, 2009
Last Modified March 20, 2009

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