Induction and Mentoring

Mentoring: Hopes and Promise for Improving Teacher Effectiveness

written by Ellen Moir, Dara Barlin, Janet Gless, and Jan Miles

In this practical yet visionary book, Ellen Moir and her colleagues at the New Teacher Center review what current research suggests (and doesn t) about the power of well designed mentoring programs to shape teacher and student outcomes. They set forth the principles of high-quality instructional mentoring and describe the elements of a rigorous professional development program. Detailed case studies show how these principles can be applied at the district level and highlight the opportunities and challenges involved in implementing these programs in different contexts. The book makes a powerful case for using new teacher mentoring as an entry point for creating a strong professional culture with a shared, aligned understanding of high-quality teaching.

The Impact of Mentoring on Teacher Retention: What the Research Says

written by Richard Ingersoll and Jeffrey M. Kralik

The Education Commission of the States commissioned this report as a comprehensive and critical review of existing empirical studies on induction programs. This report's primary objective is to provide policymakers, educators and researchers with a reliable assessment of what is known, and not known, about the effectiveness – the value added – of teacher induction programs. In particular, this review focuses on the impact of induction and mentoring programs on teacher retention.

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