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European Journal of Physics

The EJP is similar to AJP in that it primarily contains papers unrelated to PER, while occasionally publishing on PER. It is a publication of the European Institute of Physics. The present editor is XXXXX. The journal is published on a monthly basis.

Papers published in the EJP typically emphasize applied results. They should both describe student reasoning about a topic and suggest ways in which to address student difficulties.

There have been few seminal papers published in the EJP. Examples of papers include the Quantum Mechanics Visualization Instrument (XXXX and Robinett), and two papers on quantum tunneling, one by Domert and Linder, one by Wittmann, Morgan, and Bao. (recognized as one of the 25 most downloaded articles of 2005). Topics from introductory physics, which dominate publications in the AJP, are far more rare in the EJP.