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Cognition and Instruction

C&I was founded by respected members of the PER community, including Fred Reif (WHO ELSE?!?). The journal publishes articles in science and mathematics education research, so only some of the papers are directly related to physics. Many of the papers are nevertheless relevant to the PER community. The present editor is Andy diSessa. C&I publishes on a quarterly basis.

Papers published in C&I are typically geared to readers interested in learning theory and applications of learning theory to discipline-based education research. There are many similarities to the Journal of the Learning Sciences and Learning and Instruction.

Perhaps the best known PER paper in the journal is diSessa's on phenomenological primitives (p-prims) in 1993. A single issue was devoted to the 120 page long article, "Toward an epistemology of physics," with responses from leading researchers. This length is atypical, but C&I typically publishes three or four articles per issue, each about 30 to 50 pages in length.