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American Journal of Physics PER Supplement

Because of pressure from tenure-track professors and growing research groups in the 1990s, the PER Supplement to the AJP was created in the late 1990s. Joe Redish was the first editor, and Karen Cummings is presently the editor.

With the rise of PRST-PER, the number of submissions to the PER Supplement has gone down. Publications are sought that are relevant to the readership of AJP, but specialize in PER. Notably, the supplement was published as a separately bound issue in its first several years (these were green, while the rest of AJP was published in yellow). Problematically, many of these issues were not included in library bound volumes. With the advent of electronic access to past journals, this problem has hopefully been addressed.

As with PRST-PER, the PER Supplement is partially too young to contain seminal articles. More to the point, the supplement is nearly entirely representative of the small PER community that attends AAPT meetings. Rather than highlight individual articles, it is often easier to point to the supplement as the major publication location from the late 1990s and early 2000s.