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US - AAPT Physics Education Research Topical Group (PERTG)

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On February 10, Natasha Holmes posted [pertg] PERC Proceedings Assistant Editor

On January 31, Elizabeth Foxwell posted Call for Institutional Proposals, CUR Transformations Project

On October 17, Luke Conlin posted PERTG Mini-Grants Fall 2016 deadline extended to Monday, October 24

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  • Conlin, Luke
  • Corbo, Joel
  • Holmes, Natasha
  • Sawtelle, Vashti
  • Turpen, Chandra
  • Williams, Eric
  • Zavala, Genaro

Contact Information

Natasha Holmes is chair of the PERLOC group.
ngholmes at cornell . edu

Cassandra Paul, ex officio, as chair of the AAPT Committee on Research in Physics Education.

The Physics Education Research Topical Group (PERTG) is a Topical Group within the American Association of Physics Teachers, formed for those with a special interest in research on the teaching and learning of physics.

The Physics Education Research Leadership and Organizing Council (PERLOC) is elected by PERTG to serve as the representative body for community decision-making.

Click on links in the tabs at the top or the sidebar to the right to find more information about PERLOC, upcoming events, and more.

PERTG Membership within AAPT

For AAPT members to be part of the PERTG, they may self-identify and pay an annual fee of $40 ($15 for students). The fee is paid at the time of renewing AAPT membership and will be deposited in a special account to fund PERLOC activities/functions/programs. Click here to apply.

Funds will be used for:
  • costs related to the annual Physics Education Research Conference (PERC), such as funds for invited speakers from outside PER and publication costs for the PERC Proceedings,
  • financial support for PER-Central, the online clearinghouse containing links to PER-based materials, research results and publications, and discussion fora
  • general support for PER activities within AAPT.

PERLOC Roles and Responsibilities

Luke Conlin (2016-2019),  Vice-chair/Treasurer
Joel Corbo (2016-2019),  PERC Liaison
Natasha Holmes (2015 - 2018),  Chair
Cassandra Paul (2017 - 2018), Ex-officio/RiPE chair
Vashti Sawtelle (2017 - 2020),  Mini-Grants
Chandra Turpen (2017-2020), GPER Liaison
Eric Williams (2017-2018), PERCoGS rep
Genaro Zavala (2015 - 2018),  PERC Proceedings review
For contact information click on the relevant link in the membership list at right.