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Searching for “Preparation for Future Learning” in Physics Documents

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Searching for “Preparation for Future Learning” in Physics 

written by Eugenia Etkina, Michael Gentile, Anna Karelina, Maria Ruibal-Villasenor, and Gregory Suran

"Preparation for future learning" is a term describing a new approach to transfer. In addition to focusing on learning environments that help students better apply developed knowledge in new situations; education researchers are searching for educational interventions that better prepare students to learn new information. The pioneering studies in this field were conducted by J. Branford and D. Schwartz in psychology and mathematics, specifically in the area of statistics. They found that students who engaged in innovation before being exposed to new material, learned better. We attempted to replicate their experiments in the field of physics, specifically in the area of conductivity. Using two experimental conditions and one control, we compared student learning of thermal and electrical conductivity from a written text. We present the results of groups' performance on seven qualitative questions after their learning in this area.

Published November 11, 2009
Last Modified October 5, 2009

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