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Implications of a framework for student reasoning in an interview Documents

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Implications of a framework for student reasoning in an interview 

written by Kara E. Gray, Zdeslav Hrepic, Salomon F. Itza-Ortiz, Alicia R. Allbaugh, Paula V. Engelhardt, N. Sanjay Rebello, and Dean A. Zollman

We discuss the implications of a framework to characterize student reasoning in an interview and its underpinnings in cognitive psychology. Our framework, described in a previous paper in these Proceedings, enables a researcher to identify various cognitive elements used by a student during an interview. Our thesis is that this framework can help identify reasoning paths used by the students. We discuss how this framework can be applied to both a coarse and fine grained analysis of reasoning and how it can be used to infer a student's implicit reasoning processes.

Published September 9, 2004
Last Modified May 11, 2012

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