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Attitudes and Approaches to Problem Solving Survey Documents

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Attitudes and Approaches to Problem Solving Survey 

written by Andrew J. Mason and Chandralekha Singh

This 33-question research-based multiple-choice survey is designed to evaluate students' attitudes and approaches towards physics problem solving.

The survey is based on investigations of responses from introductory physics students, graduate students, and faculty members. It expands upon the Attitudes towards Problem Solving survey (Marx and Cummings, 2007) to also consider approaches to problem solving and different levels of problem solving expertise. Statistical results have shown the survey to be reliable and valid. A summary of the construction and analysis of the survey is available in A. J. Mason and C. Singh, "Surveying graduate students' attitudes and approaches to problem solving", PRST-PER, 6 (2),  020124 (2010).

This survey is free for use by instructors in their classroom. The expert-like responses to the survey are enclosed.

Published July 7, 2009
Last Modified November 11, 2015

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