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Representational Variant of the Force Concept Inventory (R-FCI) Documents

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Representational Variant of the Force Concept Inventory (R-FCI) 

written by Pasi Nieminen, Antti Savinainen, and Jouni Viiri

This 30-minute research-based multiple-choice test is designed to investigate students' ability to interpret multiple representations consistently in the context of four force concepts: Newton's first, second, and third laws, and gravitation.

The diagnostic exam contains 27 multiple-choice questions based on nine FCI items that have been redesigned using various representations (such as motion map, vectorial, and graphical). A summary of the survey's construction, analysis, reliability, and validity is available in Force Concept Inventory-based multiple-choice test for investigating students' representational consistency, Phys. Rev ST-PER 6 (2), 020109 (2010).

Additionally, an Excel file is provided so that instructors who wish to carry out the representational consistency analysis described in the aforementioned article may do so.

This assessment is free for use by instructors in their classroom. However, as it takes years of development effort to create and validate reliable assessment instruments, the file is password-protected. Furthermore, the authors request that 1. students are not given copies following examination; and 2. none of the questions are incorporated into web-based question delivery systems without adequate security to prevent printing or unauthorized access by students.

To obtain the password, please send a request with your name, email, institution, and a link to a page at your institution that confirms you are an instructor.

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