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Do prescribed prompts prime sensemaking during group problem solving? Documents

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Do prescribed prompts prime sensemaking during group problem solving? 

written by Mathew "Sandy" Martinuk and Joss Ives

Many researchers and textbooks have promoted the use of rigid prescribed strategies for encouraging development of expert-like problem-solving behavior in novice students. The University of British Columbia's introductory algebra-based course for non-physics majors uses Context-Rich problems with a prescribed six-step strategy. We have coded audio recordings of group problem-solving sessions to analyze students' epistemological framing based on the implicit goal of their discussions. By treating the goal of "understanding the physics of the situation" as sensemaking, we argue that prescribed problem-solving prompts are not sufficient to induce subsequent sensemaking discussion.

Published February 6, 2012
Last Modified April 25, 2012

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