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Design of a Synthesizing Lecture on Mechanics Concepts Documents

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Design of a Synthesizing Lecture on Mechanics Concepts 

written by Natalie Strand, Jennifer Docktor, Gary Gladding, Jose P. Mestre, and Brian H. Ross

Within the context of traditional physics problem solving instruction, major concepts are mentioned but often marginalized by the focus on equation manipulation, resulting in students perceiving concepts as unimportant in problem solving. Additionally, since topics are covered as isolated pieces, students also perceive concepts as unrelated. In response to this disconnect, we discuss the development of a short, animated, web-delivered synthesizing presentation modeled after the "common learning resource" from the preparation for future learning construct. In the presentation, major concepts of introductory mechanics are structured hierarchically. More specifically, the presentation is an overview of major theorems and conservation laws in mechanics and the conditions under which they are applied. It is linked to previous problems solved by the students and intended to prepare them for future learning by illustrating how concepts guide problem solving processes.

Published August 24, 2010
Last Modified November 8, 2010

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