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Using Analogy to Solve a Three-Step Physics Problem Documents

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Using Analogy to Solve a Three-Step Physics Problem 

written by Shih-Yin Lin and Chandralekha Singh

In a companion paper, we discuss students' ability to take advantage of what they learn from a solved problem and transfer their learning to solve a quiz problem that has different surface features but the same underlying physics principles. Here, we discuss students' ability to perform analogical reasoning between another pair of problems. Both the problems can be solved using the same physics principles. However, the solved problem provided was a two- step problem (which can be solved by decomposing it into two sub-problems) while the quiz problem was a three-step problem. We find that it is challenging for students to extend what they learned from a two-step problem to solve a three-step problem.

Published August 24, 2010
Last Modified October 6, 2010

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