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problems with autotracking (ver 4.72) post and replies

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problems with autotracking - Nov 26, 2012 at 6:37PM
Giancarlo Cavagna
5 Posts

I use version 4.72 for Windows seven (also xp and vista), does not work the autotracking. I can trace manually, but not automatically.

Can anyone help me?

Thank you very much.

Giancarlo from Bergamo Italy

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Replies to problems with autotracking

Re: problems with autotracking - Nov 27 2012 9:44AM
Paul Nord
6 Posts

Your descriptions are a little vague.

Can you post a copy of the video you are trying to analyze?

Re: problems with autotracking - Nov 27 2012 11:12AM
Douglas Brown
68 Posts

Giancarlo--do you mean the autotracker has a difficult time following the object you are tracking, or that you cannot make it work at all? Have you used autotracker successfully with a previous version? Have you used it successfully with other videos?

Perhaps you could send me a sample video? There is a link to my email on the Tracker web site ( Thanks.


Re: Re: problems with autotracking - Nov 27 2012 4:07PM
Giancarlo Cavagna
5 Posts

Dear Paoul and Doug, thank you for answering. With relise 4.72 does not start autotracking. Instead, it works fine in relise 4.05. At the following link you can find a video where I show that with the 4.5 executable jar autotracking works well while the installed version 4.72 no. No problem for the track manually. I forgot I have tried both with windows xp, vista and seven.

Congratulations for the wonderful software, I use it a lot with my students. Here we have created simple tutorial.

Do you know if in Italy there is a working group that uses tracker?

Thank you very much.

Giancarlo from Italy Italy

Re: Re: Re: problems with autotracking - Nov 28 2012 1:00PM
Douglas Brown
68 Posts

Giancarlo--Thanks, your screen capture video was very helpful.

There might be a very simple solution: in the older version 4.05 the "target" cursor was displayed as soon as you opened the autotracker, so you could create a key frame just by clicking the video. But in the new version (which allows you to make multiple key frames) you must hold down both the Shift and Control keys to display the target cursor, then you can click the video to create the first key frame. Please give that a try.

Your tutorials are great! Nice work.

I have been indeed contacted by several other teachers from Italy, some with web sites and one whose students sent me the italian PDF help file that you can download from the Tracker web site. If you'd like to contact me directly by email I can probably send you some contact information for them.

Hope this solves the problem :-)  Doug

Re: Re: Re: Re: problems with autotracking - Nov 28 2012 1:22PM
Giancarlo Cavagna
5 Posts

Great! Enough to read the help but having learned the procedure with version 4.05 of repeating the same thought. I'll write to the Italian contacts. Thanks again.
Giancarlo from Italy.

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