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Tracker does'nt open Video post and replies

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Tracker doesn't open Video - Jul 16, 2013 at 5:32AM
Martin Peters
13 Posts

Xuggle Error:
Xuggle has encountered the following error while opening this video:
"moov atom not found"

And tracker says: Cannot open the video.

There ist no problem with the video but it is about 2,75GB big. This problem occures with other big videos, too.

Is there any possibility to help or do I have to cut every video bigger than a particular size?

Thanks for your help


Replies to Tracker doesn't open Video

Re: Tracker doesn't open Video - Jul 16 2013 11:32AM
Douglas Brown Avatar
Douglas Brown
150 Posts

Hi Martin,

Have you tried switching to the QuickTime video engine to see if it will open the video? To switch, select QuickTime in the video tab of the preferences dialog (Edit|Preferences menu).

If that doesn't work, I think you will indeed have to split the large videos into smaller files.

Hope this helps.  Doug

Re: Re: Tracker doesn't open Video - Jul 17 2013 4:57AM
Martin Peters
13 Posts

Hi Doug,
thanks for your fast answer!
Yes, I tried the same video on another computer and this one had the quicktime video engine. Then it was working =)
Kind regards

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