About KAPA

Education and Employment Provider Offerings

Please post offers to accept students immediately in physics or astronomy programs. Positions for graduate students needing stipends are of particular importance.

Please post offers to teachers and faculty for immediate employment for at least this semester to teach and/or conduct research. Industry and other physics-related jobs for immediate employment for at least a half year are also requested.

All Users: Seekers and Providers of Aid

For all postings describe your needs or offers with a very short description of interests, needs, job type, background, courses, and/or experience. Include direct contact information (phone, email etc.).

Users finding either openings or a person to potentially fill an opening should make immediate, direct contact with the provider or seeker to exchange information. The bulletin board should be used for posting needs and opportunities and not for discussion of offers.

Providers should offer if possible, aid for housing, and transportation. Dorm space, for example, may be needed.

The AAPT and the participating organizations can not verify the accuracy of all of the information posted on this bulletin board. We will remove any posts that are not accurate as quickly as possible. This bulletin board is meant to provide immediate assistance to those needing short-term support due to this crisis. Please only post information related to this need.

Please let us know what further we might do to aid this immediate process and tell us of successful connections and relocations made with each other with a quick email to whein@aapt.org or egoldin@aapt.org.

We thank you in advance for any help and arrangements you make.