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Assistance for Students - Sep 13 2005 11:16AM
Bruce, ComPADRE Dir Avatar
Bruce, ComPADRE Dir
Potential assistance providers, please use this discussion thread to
post positions, enrollment assistance, and other aid available for
students affected by Katrina. Posts should include information about the
position and contact information so that those needing help can
communicate with you directly.

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Department of Energy, Office of Science - Sep 13 2005 2:54PM
Bruce, ComPADRE Dir Avatar
Bruce, ComPADRE Dir
The DOE/Office of Science has created a web site to identify and help support science and engineering students and faculty members from colleges and universities seriously impacted by Hurricane Katrina.

Information is at:

Re: Assistance for Students - Sep 13 2005 3:40PM
Gary Society of Physics
Diane Jacobs is physics faculty member and Society of Physics Student advisor at Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti, MI...She and her family have offered housing for a physics student displaced by Katrina for the fall semester... email diane.jacobs@emich.edu

Adjunct Professor of Physics, Editor of The Physics Teacher, and GWU SPS Chapter Advisor

Re: Re: Assistance for Students - Sep 14 2005 9:37AM
Anonymous Post
From Dr. Diane Jacobs: Eastern Michigan University is still
registering students displaced by the hurricane, but will only
continue to do so for this semester for one more week. We
have spaces available in all our upper division physics courses
and the university is making spaces in basic studies
courses as available as possible. The university is also trying
to assist all students who need financial aid.

Since it is not likely that the schools in New Orleans will be open,
as normal, for the full academic year, my husband and I will host
a student for the entire academic year. Rent is free; you would
contribute to the food bill. We live within walking distance of

Re: Assistance for Students - Sep 13 2005 3:47PM
Gary Society of Physics
University of North Texas Offers Admission to College Students Displaced by Hurricane Katrina
The Office of Admissions is assisting students who have been displaced by the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. Each student will be assisted on a case-by-case basis. All interested students should contact the Office of Admissions as soon as possible at 800/UNT-8211 or 940/565-2681.

Students displaced by Katrina enrolling at UNT
Admissions staff are helping about 100 students so far as several Gulf Coast universities postpone their fall terms.
for more info see

Adjunct Professor of Physics, Editor of The Physics Teacher, and GWU SPS Chapter Advisor

Re: Assistance for Students - Sep 13 2005 7:46PM
Gary Society of Physics
Benedictine College in Atchison KS offers free tuition for the 2005 fall semester to all students from private colleges or universities who were displaced by hurricane Katrina. For information you may contact Dr. Douglas Brothers, Chairman, Department of Physics and Astronomy at Benedictine College (brothers@benedictine.edu, phone 913-360-7430). The college offers bachelor's degrees in both physics and astronomy.

Adjunct Professor of Physics, Editor of The Physics Teacher, and GWU SPS Chapter Advisor

Re: Re: Assistance for Students - Sep 13 2005 8:57PM
Anonymous Post
Any physics student who wants to come to East Central University (Ada, OK) can be enrolled late-assuming faculty admit persons late into courses. ECU will waive their 100% of their out-of-state tuition and 100% of resident tuition for Oklahoma residents. Student fees will be charged, however. We will admit students without transcripts and other normal documentation, with resolution of those issues to be handled later. We will allocate housing space and food service, based upon an individual students financial aid situation and need. Otherwise, it may be possible to locate housing within the community with families willing to take in students.
www.ecok.edu or 580/332-8000 (Posted by Dr. Karen Williams)

Re: Assistance for Students - Sep 13 2005 10:54PM
Anonymous Post
The Chancellor of Tarrant County College in Fort Worth, Texas, announced that he has established an Emergency Tuition Fund for displaced students that will make free classes possible.

The fund will be available to all evacuees who have registered with authorized relief agencies such as the American Red Cross. Those wishing to enroll can obtain more information by calling (817) 515-TCCD (8223). They will be put in contact with counselors at each of the four campuses.

Re: Assistance for Students - Sep 14 2005 12:04PM
Anonymous Post
The University of Redlands (in Southern California) is accepting students from affected areas until Sept. 20. For additional information call Admissions at 800-455-5064. The university offers a BS in physics.

Re: Assistance for Students - Sep 14 2005 12:08PM
Anonymous Post
Randolph-Macon Woman's College in Lynchburg, VA is offering immediate acceptance and heavily discounted tuition, room, and board to any displaced student. Please contact the Admissions Office at 800-745-7692 or admissions@rmwc.edu. R-MWC is a national liberal arts college for women.

Re: Assistance for Students - Sep 14 2005 12:11PM
Anonymous Post
Louisiana State University is accepting visiting students and faculty from the hurricane affected areas. To date LSU has enrolled over 3000 such students. Please see the main LSU webpage at http://www.lsu.edu/ for further information.

LSU is also tracking offers of assistance from universities across the nation. See http://www.lsu.edu/university_relations/mediacenter/nr/20050902_univasst.htm for assistance for university students and http://www.lsu.edu/university_relations/mediacenter/nr/20050902_facultyasst.htm for assistance for displaced faculty and researchers.

For particulars about Physics and Astronomy at LSU see our website at http://www.phys.lsu.edu/ and/or contact Dr. Roger McNeil at 225-578-2262 or Dr. Dana Browne at 225-578-6843

Re: Assistance for Students - Sep 14 2005 2:59PM
Alan Muia Skagit Valley College Offers Assistance for Students Displaced by Katrina
Skagit Valley College is partnering with community members who will open their homes to students displaced by hurricane Katrina. At present, SVC can accommodate students at all SVC locations: Mount Vernon Campus, Whidbey Island Campus, South Whidbey Center, and the San Juan Center. Accepted students can expect the following:
1. Free room and board with a local family in the Mount Vernon area at least through December 31, 2005.
2. Required textbooks for all SVC courses provided by local community members.
3. Out-of-state tuition will be waived, so Katrina students will pay Washington in-state tuition. (For example, a student taking 12-quarter credits would pay approximately $900 for fall quarter.)
For more information, interested students and potential host families should call the community liaison in Mount Vernon, (360) 424-9399 or the SVC Student Life office, (360) 416-7611. A Skagit Valley College admissions counselor will contact the students for application and admission processing. Classes begin on Monday, September 19, however SVC will work to accommodate special circumstances.

Re: Assistance for Students - Sep 14 2005 4:21PM
Gary Tarleton State University
Special assistance for students displaced by Hurricane Katrina

In compliance with the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and in an effort to assist displaced students of Hurricane Katrina, Tarleton State University will be accepting applications for admission in the Fall 2005 semester through September 16 and allow non-resident students to pay in-state tuition. The Office of Undergraduate Admissions will be waiving the application fee as well as testing for TSI (requirement waived by THECB). For more information, please contact the Admissions office at (254) 968-9125.

Re: Assistance for Students (Andrews University) - Sep 14 2005 5:16PM
Anonymous Post
Andrews University is offering a year of free tuition to any Seventh-day Adventist student who was enrolled in a university or college whose operation was interrupted by Hurricane Katrina. Tuition, fees, and books for the fall and spring semesters of the 2005-2006 school year will be covered.

The Department of Physics offers BS degrees in Physics and in Biophysics, and a 30-credit program for Physics as a Second Major.

For more info, visit:
and http://www.andrews.edu/news/katrina/tuition_assistance.html

To apply call 800.253.2874 and ask for Admissions or email enroll@andrews.edu for information.

Re: Assistance for Students - Sep 14 2005 7:18PM
Anonymous Post
Walla Walla College is providing tuition assistance to engineering and physical science students in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama who have been displaced by Hurricane Katrina.

Walla Walla College is prepared to offer a limited number of tuition-free spaces to those students. Instruction for Fall Quarter begins Sept. 26. Late enrollment for fall quarter is available until Oct. 7. Accepted students will be responsible for living expenses and books.

An accredited Seventh-day Adventist university, WWC is located in eastern Washington. Walla Walla College offers an ABET-accredited four-year engineering program with concentrations in electrical, mechanical, civil and computer engineering. Additionally, the physics department offers degrees in physics and biophysics, with student-accessible laboratories in optics and spectroscopy, nuclear physics, and the solid state. Students have the opportunity to participate in research. Walla Walla College offers personalized instruction with an emphasis on student-teacher interaction. Graduates from engineering and physics have an excellent placement record in both industry and graduate school.

Displaced students interested in attending WWC are encouraged to call Victor Brown or Heather Krause at (509) 527-2327 or 800-541-8900. More information about WWC is available at www.wwc.edu.

Re: Assistance for Students - Sep 15 2005 12:23PM
R. K. Tyson The Univserity of North Carolina at Charlotte has openings for physics or optics graduate students for Spring semester beginning in January 2006. We offer MS degrees in Applied Physics and MS and PhD degrees in Optical Science and Engineering. Teaching and research assistantships are available as well as tuition support. Contact Dr. Robert K. Tyson (rtyson@uncc.edu)

Re: Assistance for Students - Sep 15 2005 12:27PM
Anonymous Post
The University of Alabama (Tuscaloosa) Department of Physics and Astronomy has vacant teaching assistantships for graduate students. We will be happy to take in students from the gulf coast until they are able to return to their regular campuses. The university will expedite admissions.
Our website is bama.ua.edu/~physics

PA students affected by Katrina: free tuition in PA or receive $2500 grant - Sep 15 2005 3:38PM
Marc Gagne Avatar
Marc Gagne
The 14 Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE) Universities will open their doors to students from Pennsylvania who were enrolled this semester in colleges or universities in New Orleans that have been forced to close in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Students from the affected area who wish to take classes at any of the PASSHE universities should contact the school to determine course availability. Students will be offered enrollment on a space available basis and tuition will be waived.

Also, the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency has created a grant program for college students who suffered a financial loss because of Hurricane Katrina. Grants up to $2,500 are available for the 2005-06 academic year to undergraduate and graduate students from any state who were affected by the hurricane and attend colleges in Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Delaware. The grants do not have to be repaid.

Re: PA students affected by Katrina: free tuition in PA or receive $2500 grant - Sep 16 2005 6:39AM
Anonymous Post
Further information at:


Or contact the astronomycenter.org editor:

Re: Assistance for Students - Sep 15 2005 4:46PM
Anonymous Post
Hendrix College has already enrolled 7 students from the Gulf Coast area
schools. We are offering free tuition for these students in the fall.
More info may be found at our website
Several faculty and staff are also housing and feeding evacuees and/or their pets.
We are in Conway, Arkansas.

Students looking for assistance can contact me directly at wright@hendrix.edu for more

Ann Wright
Physics Dept.
Hendrix College

Re: Assistance for Students - Sep 15 2005 10:30PM
Germ Hazard Community and technical college of Hazard Kentucky offers its assistance. Students affected by the Hurricane may enroll at our school with in state tuition. We are the only two year community college with dorms in this state. We offer Engineering technology as well as pre engineering and one solar system class which is very popular. See our website:


Re: Assistance for Students - Sep 16 2005 7:44AM
Anonymous Post
One year of free school offered to students attending Christian Science Sunday School in the Katrina affected region is offered by Principia College and Principia K-12 School in the St. Louis area. Contact admissions at 618-374-2131

Re: Assistance for Students - Sep 16 2005 8:58AM
Randy Booker Late admissions opportunities and financial assistance available for students displaced from their universities by Hurricane Katrina. The University of North Carolina at Asheville will work with displaced students from Hurricane Katrina to continue their educations. Students interested in attending UNC Asheville in Fall 2005 or Spring 2006 should call the UNC Asheville Admissions Office at 1-800-531-9842.

Graduate Student Assitantships at the University of Utah - Sep 16 2005 2:37PM
Bruce, ComPADRE Dir Avatar
Bruce, ComPADRE Dir
We have two openings for a graduate teaching assistantship for the 2005-2006 academic year. The stipend is over $6,000 per semester, and we pay all tuition. We also have a health insurance plan for gradutae TAs where the TA pays only 80% of the plan. For additional information contact Jackie at jackie@physics.utah.edu.

Re: Assistance for Students - Sep 16 2005 6:33PM
Anonymous Post
Israel offers free semester for Students in New Orleans

A special initiative of the Jewish Agency and Masa Project in Israel: Offering a free semester in Israel for students who can not continue their studies in their universities because of Hurricane Katrina. The students can choose one of 6 different universities in Israel: Tel-Aviv University, The Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Ben-Gurion University in Beer Sheva, The Inter-Disciplinary Institute in Herzelia and Bar-Ilan University. Masa Project is giving a special traveling grant of $2000 for Jewish students. The Jewish Agency is offering all the students, Jewish and non-Jewish, full funding for accommodations and one semester tuition.
For further information, please contact Einat Refaeli 410-356-1140

Graduate Students at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD - Sep 17 2005 11:51AM
Anonymous Post
Graduate students affected by Hurricane Katrina and who are currently enrolled at a university that is now closed may request admission as visiting students in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Johns Hopkins University. Please contact Jonathan Bagger, Chair, for more information (bagger@jhu.edu).

Undergraduate Students at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD - Sep 17 2005 11:51AM
Anonymous Post
Undergraduate students affected by Hurricane Katrina and who are currently enrolled at a university that is now closed may request admission as visiting students at Johns Hopkins University. Please see http://www.jhu.edu/news/katrina/kat02.html for more information.

Re: Assistance for Students - Sep 17 2005 9:04PM
Anonymous Post
Whitworth College in Spokane, WA, has offered ten full-ride scholarships to displaced college students displaced by Katrina, first come first served. I do not know how many have been spoken for yet. (And of course we have an excellent physics department and pre-engineering program . . . .)

Go to www.whitworth.edu

Free Physics classes for displaced students - Sep 19 2005 1:03PM
Anonymous Post
Kinetic Books Company is providing free physics classes for up to 1,000 high school students displaced by Hurricane Katrina. We will donate our comprehensive digital textbooks as well as virtual labs. The courses will be distance learning. Kinetic Books will pay for instructors to work with students over the Internet using videoconferencing and chat. The students will have access to curriculum and instruction that starts at general physics but goes up to the AP level B and C exam.

We are planning on using instructors with whom we've worked with before to teach the courses. However, we are currently in discussions with at least one displaced teacher about his potential role as an instructor, and would like to speak with other displaced teachers interested in participating.

We also are glad to supply curriculum to schools that have instructors but lack textbooks or lab equipment.

Students will need a Macintosh or Windows PC, and require Internet access for on-line grading and to communicate with the instructor.

We have previously conducted "physics boot camps" where students used Kinetic Books' digital textbooks and labs as their primary instructional tool to gain a head start in physics before the school started, with assistance from instructors provided by the company.

We recognize that dealing with the challenges of displaced students is on a far vaster scale. However, we believe the combination of the digital curriculum and the use of web-conferencing and chat can make for effective distance learning and communications between the students and teachers.

Whether the students will receive credit for their work is unclear at this time. The curriculum will be rigorous, up to AP standards if students wish, and we hope that school districts will support this initiative. As the situation regarding accredited coursework in Katrina's wake becomes more understood, we will work to comply with all known standards. If students can move back to their schools in 2006, we will facilitate that process in any fashion we can. At this point, Kinetic Books intends to provide instruction at the AP/C level as well as a "general" or "first year physics" level.

Students or administrators interested in participating in the program can contact Kinetic Books at displaced@kineticbooks.com. Instructors interested in working with us can contact us at instructors@kineticbooks.com.

For more information, please contact:
Kinetic Books Company
Mark Bretl, 206-267-1756

Re: Assistance for Students - Sep 22 2005 10:55AM
Anonymous Post
Monmouth University in West Long Branch NJ offers 200 and 300-level courses in physics as part of our new minor in physics. We currently have space in our calc-based physics course as well as in the 300-level modern physics course. Our semester is a couple of weeks underway but we will work with students who need help to get them caught up.

In general, MU is accepting applications from any and all students who are displaced by Hurrican Katrina. Please contact Lauren Vento Cifelli, director of undergraduate admission, at
732-571-3456 or 800-543-9671 for more information.

Robert Topper, Chair of Chemistry/Medical Technology/Physics

Re: Assistance for Students - Sep 22 2005 2:03PM
Anonymous Post
Coastal Carolina University is accepting students displaced by Hurricane Katirna; we have faculty members with expertise in physical oceanography, astrophysics, environmental physics, surface physics, and a small, but growing, physics program. Contact Teresa Burns (tburns@coastal.edu 843 349 2225) for information about the physics program, and see


for general admissions information for all majors.

Hillsdale College offers admission for Spring semester - Sep 23 2005 8:50AM
Anonymous Post
Hillsdale College offers admission to qualified college students displaced by hurricane Katrina for Spring semester beginning in January 2006. Academic advising, financial aid and housing will be available for students as long as space is available. Contact Dr. Kenneth Hayes at khayes@hillsdale.edu.

Re: Assistance for Students - Sep 26 2005 9:48PM
Anonymous Post
Mississippi High School seniors. Mississippi State University is completing the logistics of allowing Katrina-affected high school seniors to be dual enrolled and on the MSU campus for the Spring semester (and the Winter Intersession). You would be earning college credit while completing your high school senior year. This assistance will be particularly important for students who want to major in areas that require laboratories (physical sciences, engineering, etc) or other facilities that they no longer have access to. If interested, for more details, contact:
Mark Novotny, Head
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Mississippi State University

Re: Assistance for Students - Sep 26 2005 9:53PM
Anonymous Post
Mississippi high school rising juniors. If you share an intense motivation to excel academically, consider applying to the Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science for the 2006-2007 school year. There is no tuition or room or board costs for this school for this public residential high school. For application materials or further information see http://www.msms.k12.ms.us

Re: Re: Assistance for Students - Sep 30 2005 3:19PM
Anonymous Post
how can i get in touch with a host family?

how to help the host families of hurricane katrina - Oct 07 2005 2:48PM
Anonymous Post
how can we help the host families of hurricane katrina and donate them money?

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