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The Physics Source is a collection of resources for introductory college level physics courses. It includes curriculum, curriculum support material, reference material, and pedagogical and physics education research inspired content.

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Using Direct Measurement Video to Teach Physics
Direct Measurement Videos encourage active learning in introductory physics classes. Students can analyze real-world behavior using physics concepts and measurement tools included in the video. This material includes best practices for using these videos, a library of videos, and example class activities.

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Featured IntroPhys Resource

Problem Based Learning for College Physics
This web site contains a collection of field-tested problem-based learning (PBL) activities for introductory physics classes. The site also includes background and references on the PBL approach.

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September 18th History

1896: Armand-Hippolyte Fizeau died in Ventueil, Seine-et-Marne. He measured the speed of light in air in 1849. He used a rotating gear and measured the time light took to pass between the gear's teeth.
Source: Physics Infomall.