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NRAO Image Gallery image
image credit: NRAO; image source; larger image

NRAO Image Gallery

The radio telescope pointed toward the heavens is a powerful symbol of astronomers' quest to understand the universe. For photos of other radio telescopes at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory, see NRAO Image Gallery. Also, see the NRAO's How Radio Telescopes Work.

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Physics at Home

What is Radio Astronomy?

Check out the "Activities" section of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory's What is Radio Astronomy?. Don't miss "Make Your Own Radio Image."


From Physics Research

The Galactic Center at Different Wavelengths image
image credit: NRAO; image source; larger image

The Galactic Center at Different Wavelengths

You are looking at a radio image of the center of the Milky Way galaxy.  Many astronomers believe the bright object in the center is a black hole. For more on the image, see Sagittarius A. To find out what different parts of the electromagnetic spectrum reveal about the galactic center, see The Galactic Center at Different Wavelengths.

To see orbits of stars around the galactic center, check out this Physics to Go feature: UCLA Galactic Center Group.

Worth a Look

SETI Institute

To find out how radio telescopes are used in the search for life in the universe, visit SETI Institute. To learn how you can participate, check out SETI@home.

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