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Brett E. Bouma - Associate Professor of Dermatology and Health Sciences & Technology

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Harvard Medical School,  Massachusetts General Hospital

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He teaches at Massachusetts General Hospital.  He has also established several active collaborations within the Massachusetts General Hospital,  conducting clinical studies in Gastroenterology,  Urology,  Otolaryngology,  Cardiology,  Dermatology and Gynecology within the Wellman Laboratories for Photomedicine.

His research interests are primarily focused on the development and validation of new optical methods for disease diagnosis.  His research has contributed substantially to the development of new imaging modalities,  including optical coherence tomography (OCT),  spectrally encoded confocal microscopy and spectrally encoded endoscopy.

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He earned his B.S in Physics from Hope College and his M.S in Physics from Michigan State University.  In 1993,  he earned his PhD in Physics from University of Illinois at Chicago.

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Brett E. Bouma


He is currently employed through Harvard Medical School where he is an Associate Professor of Dermatology and Health Sciences & Technology.  He is also employed through Massachusetts General Hospital in the Wellman Laboratories for Photomedicine.