Past Events

2010 Gordon Conference on Physics Research & Education

Jun 06, 2010 - Jun 10, 2010 in Mt Holyoke College

The 2010 Gordon Conference on Physics Research & Education will be held June 6 - 11 at Mount Holyoke College. This conference, the sixth in the series, will explore the connections between experimental research, laboratories, and physics instruction.

2009 AAPT Topical Conference - Advanced Laboratories

Jul 23, 2009 - Jul 25, 2009 in University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, MI
AAPT. ALPhA event

The conference will bring together faculty and technical staff involved with the intermediate/advanced undergraduate labs to present, discuss,and demonstrate their lab curricula, teaching methods, and experiments.

Reception for Advanced Laboratory Instructors

Mar 07, 2007 in 2007 APS March Meeting, Denver, CO: Adam's Mark Hotel Governor's Square 14
An APS Forum on Physics Education and TeachSpin, Inc. event

A satellite session of the 2007 APS March Meeting is planned to share ideas and plans for shining a spotlight on Advanced Labs Development and Instruction while consuming some good wine and delicacies.