Band Structure and Electrical Conductivity in Semiconductors Documents

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Band Structure and Electrical Conductivity in Semiconductors 

written by Asma Khalid, Muhammad Sabieh Anwar, and Wasif Zia
published by the LUMS School of Science and Engineering

In this experiment, we will,
1. understand how conductivity in semiconductors depends on carrier concentration and mobility, and how these depend on temperature,
2. distinguish between intrinsic and extrinsic temperature regimes and identify
the applicable temperature range from an examination of measured data,
3. appreciate and utilize the advantages of the four-probe resistance measurement technique,
4. calculate the energy band gap for doped Si and pure Ge,
5. calculate the temperature dependent coefficient of the majority carriers,
6. through experimental realizations, appreciate a physical understanding of the band gap structure of semiconductors.

Last Modified February 16, 2012

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