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Tutorials on thinking about quantum entities - Feb 8, 2017

This series of tutorials help students build better conceptual understanding of quantum phenomena.

QuILT Beta - May 29, 2016

QuILT, Quantum Interactive Learning Tutorials provides a semester-long collection of research-based student activities for a quantum mechanics course.

QuVis: The University of St Andrews Quantum Mechanics Visualisation project - Jun 1, 2015

A collection of animations to support quantum physics classes.

Observing the quantum behavior of light in an undergraduate laboratory - Nov 20, 2014

This article outlines an experiment indicating the existence of photons as quantum objects

PhET Simulations: Quantum Phenomena - Nov 15, 2014

Quantum simulations ranging from the photoelectric effect to applications of quantum mechanics.

SEI: Modern Physics Course Materials - Jun 23, 2014

This website contains lectures, homework, exams, and other materials for a PER-based large lecture modern physics course for engineering majors.

Paradigms in Physics: Quantum Activities - Jun 1, 2014

This is a collection of learning activities for Quantum Mechanics classes, including learning goals, guides for instructors, and handouts or worksheets. Topics include Operators, Eigenstates, Probability Densities, Stern-Gerlach Simulations, Schrödinger's Equation, and Time Evolution.

Nanohub - Sep 1, 2012

NanoHUB is a web-based collection of resources for research, education and collaboration in nanotechnology. It contains online presentations, courses, learning modules, animations, and teaching materials.

OSP QuILT Package - Sep 1, 2011

Research-tested tutorial materials for understanding of the time-dependence of quantum systems.

Phase Matters Package - Jun 29, 2010

This curriculum package is created to support the teaching of the effects of phase on the time evolution of quantum systems.

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