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PhET Simulation: Hooke's Law - Sep 28, 2016

Here's a mobile-friendly PhET sim to help students make connections among force, spring constant, displacement, and potential energy in a spring.

SERC: Direct Measurement Video Library - Sep 10, 2016

Excellent collection of short, very high-resolution videos of real events lets students actively explore physical phenomena. Includes frame-counters and overlay tools for making precise measurements. Solid pedagogy, great fun!

DNA Science: Modeling Rosalind Franklin's Discovery with a Pen Spring - Sep 10, 2016

Integrate physics/biology in this HS diffraction lab that lets students model the work of Rosalind Franklin.

The Humanized Physics Project - Sep 10, 2016

Innovative new curriculum for algebra-based physics, in which physics concepts are introduced through studies of human physiology. Students explore topics that include force and motion, kinetic and potential energy, Newton's Laws, electric potential, magnetic fields, periodic waves, and more. Each topic is introduced within the context of a human biological process such as circulation, vision, speech, and hearing.

NBC Learn: Science of NFL Football - Sep 10, 2016

This video collection funded by NSF aims to spark interest in physics through the motion of football players & ball trajectory. Entertaining AND accurate science.

Space Time Travel -- Relativity Visualized - Jun 2, 2016

What would it be like to travel at the speed of light? These models help students visualize effects of special and general relativity.

NASA: Solar System Exploration - Jun 2, 2016

A stand-out collection from NASA that offers a wealth of information about the objects in our solar system. Browse beautiful image galleries, 3D interactive animations, and videos of space missions.

Understanding Car Crashes: It's Basic Physics - Jun 2, 2016

Completely turn-key resource for a unit on momentum and collision. Fascinating video plus four comprehensive classroom activities.

Direct Measurement Video: Wave Properties - Mar 5, 2016

Analyze frequency, amplitude, and wavelength with this very high-resolution video. Use the overlay tools for measurement.

Waves: An Interactive Tutorial - Jan 10, 2016

This set of interactive tutorials provide an introduction to waves, from basic motion through interference and coupled oscillators.

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