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Direct Measurement Video: Wave Properties - Mar 5, 2016

Analyze frequency, amplitude, and wavelength with this very high-resolution video. Use the overlay tools for measurement.

Space Time Travel -- Relativity Visualized - Jan 26, 2016

What would it be like to travel at the speed of light? These models help students visualize effects of special and general relativity.

Waves: An Interactive Tutorial - Jan 10, 2016

This set of interactive tutorials provide an introduction to waves, from basic motion through interference and coupled oscillators.

PhET Simulation: Charges and Fields - Jan 4, 2016

Have fun learning about the variables that affect interactions among charged bodies with this PhET sim. Drag + or - charges onto the field,  view voltage values, plot equipotential lines and more.

Designmate: Converging Lenses - Dec 1, 2015

Beautifully crafted video incorporates animated ray diagrams to show how a convex lens converges rays of incident light.

SERC: Direct Measurement Video Library - Dec 1, 2015

Excellent collection of short, very high-resolution videos of real events lets students actively explore physical phenomena. Includes frame-counters and overlay tools for making precise measurements. Solid pedagogy, great fun!

Nanoreisen: Adventures Beyond the Decimal - Dec 1, 2015

See the wonder and strange beauty of matter at the smallest known dimensions in our universe in this "nano-journey" formatted in descending powers of 10. View a human cell, an LED, and a laptop microchip.

PhET Simulation: Energy Forms and Changes - Dec 1, 2015

Build your own system to convert mechanical, light, or chemical energy into electrical or thermal energy.

PhET Collision Lab - Oct 21, 2015

Feature-rich simulation lets you explore collisions in 1D or 2D. You can adjust mass of the balls, set elasticity from 0-100%, and view position & velocity values for data analysis.

2015 International Year of Light - Aug 17, 2015

Official website to commemorate the International Year of Light features a plethora of resources for all ages and audiences.

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