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SEI Clicker and Education Videos - Feb 1, 2014

Electronic student response systems have been shown to improve student engagement and attitudes toward learning. These short videos take an inside look at "clickers" in the classroom and how to use them to best advantage.

Tracker Video Modeling: Combining Simulations with Traditional Video Analysis - Feb 1, 2014

Tracker Video Analysis gives students a real edge over traditional video modeling. First, capture a digital file, calibrate scale, and define axes. Now the fun part: students define force expressions & initial conditions, then watch the model draw and overlay itself on the video. Great way to directly compare the model with real-world motion!

Concord Consortium: Energy2D - Interactive Heat Transfer Simulations for Everyone - Nov 11, 2013

Free, simulation tool developed to help students grasp underlying concepts necessary to approach and solve heat transfer problems.

Virtual Microscope - Nov 11, 2013

Robust free tool to explore high-resolution images produced by electron, fluorescence, and atomic force microscopes. Datasets are shared via Java RE.

Desmos Graphing Calculator - Sep 15, 2013

Versatile online calculator lets you view multiple graphs on one grid, create your own interactive graph, and easily embed your creation.

MIT Tech TV: Physics Demos - Aug 16, 2013

Beautifully-crafted videos to help kids visualize motion, wave interactions, electricity, and magnetism. Superb videography; easy to embed.

Concord Consortium: SmartGraphs - Jul 2, 2013

These digital SmartGraphs accept student inputs, then provide scaffolding to promote deep understanding of the meaning behind the graphs. Classroom tested.

EJS Simulations by High School Physics Teachers - Jul 2, 2013

Easy Java Simulations (EJS) are easy to use for any level of high school physics and physical science. Teachers and students are able to create computer models easily.

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory: Eyes on the Solar System - Apr 16, 2013

NASA brings together a rich array of visualization tools for a 3D exploration of our cosmic neighborhood. Informative, interactive,and great fun!

Create a Graph - Jan 23, 2013

Kids can easily create and print customized graphs to enhance their presentations. And it's free. Choose from 5 graph types.

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